Whipslash, where you feel like a bad ass as you throw your axes to slash, gash, pull, and bash enemies in an intense futuristic VR environment.

In the far future, a robot has pissed you off and you have to chase him through a lair full of extremely hostile robots. Armed with two shocking axes, you must fight your way through. Nothing can stop you with the ability to whip both axes with incredible strength, grapple through the environment, slash and launch enemies with blunt force and the power to summon a devastating lightning strike.


George Schober – Lead Programmer, Producer

David Robitaille – Programmer

Jerod D’Epifanio – Programmer

Ziyun Chen – Programmer

Shannon Kowalewski – Texture Artist

Thomas Lyon – 3D Artist

Jacob Harrison – 3D Artist

Bowen Gao – Level Designer

Nathan Kellman – Level Designer

Jordan Walton – VFX Artist

Austin Wilson – Sound Designer



Course: MI497 Release Date: Fall 2019