Wingman From

The Other Side

It’s Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, as well as a romance-obsessed ghost! Play as Laramie, the Valentine’s Ghost, who spends his holiday bringing couples together for a glimpse at love and a chance to heal his broken heart. But beware – if you’re careless, you’ll end up breaking other people’s hearts, too! Use your ghostly powers to possess almost any object in the environment to make the lucky couple’s day go just right. Be aware that while you can not take damage in your ghostly form, some of the objects can be damaged by the environment if you’re not careful!


Joshua McGee – Game Designer, Level Designer

Ambox – Artist, Audio Designer

Brendan Walsh – Programmer

Andy Wilson – Lead Programmer

Isaac Houston – Lead Audio Designer, UI

Anthony Ajlouny – Lead Artist

Chris Chen – Programmer

Abby Pearson – Producer, Artist

Course: MI497

Release Date: Fall 2020

Purchase the MSU GameDev Charity Bundle! Proceeds go 50% to Detroit Mutual Aid for COVID-19 relief and 50% to SpartaSoft, the student game development club at MSU!