Island Saver

The volcano is erupting, threatening your island’s inhabitants. To rescue them, you must venture into the jungle, locate them, and bring them back to your beach sanctuary. Along the way you can collect, save, and deposit treasure to aid you in your quest, as well as support your growing community.

Island Saver is part endless runner, part strategy world builder, and a wealth of island fun! The game is 100% free-to-play (with no in-app purchases). The game is developed by the Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab at Michigan State University and supported by the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

Game Development Team:


Brian Winn: Executive Producer

William Jeffery: Producer


Collin Wing: Lead Programmer

David Robitaille: Programmer

George Schober: Programmer

Harrison Sanders: Programmer


Alan Martin: Lead Designer

Kiran Peasley: Designer

Becky Roman: Sound Design

Alex Hogan: Voice Actor


Alex Voyles: Lead Artist

Roman Firestone: 3D Artist

Brooke Johnson: Technical Animator

Colleen Little: Technical Artist

Amber Ottarson: 3D Artist, Animator

Justin Barber: VFX Artist

Release Date: May 2019

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