Mail Snail

You are a customizable snail who is delivering snail mail to your fellow snails, making sure to deliver the right letters to the right snails. Along the way you will discover interactable secrets and find collectables which are proudly displayed inside your snail home. You travel across lands changing between your snail and shell forms, gliding along the terrain & sticking to certain surfaces. There are a few environmental stumbling blocks along the way but none that can hurt your little snail friend, as well as some simple machines to help you along your snail journey.


Amanda Hackbardt – Producer

Andrew Smigielski- Lead Programmer

Joe Sak – Programmer

Reid Shinabarker – Programmer

Grayson Bacarella- Lead Designer

Brendan Carter – Sound Designer

Wu Jin – Designer

Mackenzie O’Connell – Lead Artist

Course: MI497

Release Date: Fall 2020

Purchase the MSU GameDev Charity Bundle! Proceeds go 50% to Detroit Mutual Aid for COVID-19 relief and 50% to SpartaSoft, the student game development club at MSU!