Oodles of


Oodles of Doodles is a Mobile 2D puzzle game that takes place inside your school notebook where you use magic sticky notes to bring your doodles to life in order to solve puzzles and pass your classes. Developed by Noodle Games in Michigan State’s Game Development program.

After falling asleep during class, take control of a young student’s imagination through the doodles within their notebook and make your way through a variety of fun and creative levels with the help of sticky-notes that change the world around you.


Melina Richter – Producer, Artist

Ian Deatrick – Lead Artist

Brandon Garrison – Lead Programmer

Noah Kler – Lead Designer

Jalen Turner – Artist

Tyler Lovell – Programmer

Phillip Nguyen-Phan – Programmer

Jacob Schurgin – Designer

Course: MI497 Release Date: Fall 2019