Painting of 


Working as a night guard for an Art Museum, you are just about done with your usual, uninteresting shift. Upon entering the final exhibit, you hear mysterious voice ring out, beckoning you towards a rather peculiar painting. Suddenly you find yourself… Inside the painting? You soon realize what Athena truly has in store for you, in Painting of Athena!

Move around with Arrow Keys or WASD
Z/left click for Sword
X/right click for shield
Hold Space to Jump
E/Tab to progress/skip dialogue


Tatum Cho – 2D Artist

David Mora- 2D Programmer / VFX

Bryce Archer – SFX / Programmer

Max DeDona – 3D Programmer / UI Design / Level Design

Jewelyan Bradley – Level Design / Story / UI Design

Eric Silverberg – 3D Artist

Course: MI445 Release Date: Fall 2018